Skype to Africa

Inspire the Change – Reach Out and Connect Cross-Culturally 

In North American classrooms, teachers know it is important to expose their young students to global issues. Education Is Power (EIP) can help enrich such global exposure. Through EIP’s grassroots educational advancement in Kenya and Tanzania, we have incredible stories and teachings to share, coming straight from the source – the young East Africans who toiled their way to the dream of education. We want to bring these incredibly dedicated young Africans right to your classroom…via Skype video conferencing! Through this exciting initiative, EIP continues to deepen the understanding of the similarities and differences between cultures from across the world and in the local community.

We invite you check out our latest video which documents this enlightening cultural exchange gained by both Canadian and Kenyan children:

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Prince of Wales Secondary, Vancouver BC

“You have inspired us to care about the world outside our happy Vancouver bubble. You have also shown us that with hard work, dedication and passion we can actually make a difference.”
– Jules, Aryan, and Zoe, Grade 11 students at Prince of Wales Secondary, Vancouver BC

Lakewood Elementary, Victoria BC

“Through Education Is Power, we’re sending people to school whose families can’t afford for them to go. Education is a great part of life; everyone should have it.”
– Ally, Haley, Ruby, Dominic – Grade 5 Students at Lakewood Elementary, Victoria BC

Haliburton Highlands Secondary

“With Education Is Power, the students feel that the charity is small enough and lean enough that they can see the impact of every dollar they send. For instance, the students had a Skype call with two Kenyan students last spring, and have never had such direct contact with recipients of other charitable donations to larger organizations.”
– Jennifer Paton, Teacher at Haliburton Highlands Secondary, Haliburton, Ontario