Kimende Area Secondary Students

While primary education is now universal in Kenya, it is up to families to pay for their children to go  to secondary school. Students are keen and eager to go on to secondary school because they know how it will improve the prospects of theirs and their family’s future.

In Kimende Region, Kenya we work closely with KENVO (Kijabe Environmental Volunteers) to recruit students who are interested in working towards a more environmentally sustainable future.  We also work with KENVO to provide our current secondary students with opportunities for volunteerism and mentorship.

This page is a list of the bright and hopeful young students in this area. You will notice that some students are sponsored.  This means that an individual, family, school or other organization has committed to making sure they make it to their graduation.  Those in need of sponsorship depend on ongoing donations.  If you wish to learn more about a student or inquire about sponsorship please email

Monicah Wanjiku


Tutor week July 2014 - Monica #1Monicah is from Maginna County, Kenya. She lives with her grandparents who are not able to pay her $175 a year school fees. Through the generosity of a family in Campbell River, B.C. Monicah is now  in her second year at Maginna Secondary School. Monicah loves everything about school but she is especially grateful for EIP empowerment weeks where she is able to volunteer with other students as she is doing here at the KENVO tree nursery.  You can learn more about Monicah’s story here.

Peter Kagunyi


Peter Profile PicturePeter lives in Kiambu County, Kenya, however he was born in Korogocho one of the largest slum neighbourhoods in Nairobi.  Peter’s father has not been able to return to work since his treatment for T.B. Peter is very grateful for the opportunity to go to school.  He graduated at the top of his primary class and now attends Nadarasa Secondary School.  To read more about Peter’s history click here.

Rosemary Wangeci


RosemaryRosemary is from Gichiengo village where she lives with her 2 brothers, 2 sisters and her parents who are farmers. Her parents are not able to make enough money to send all of their children to school.  Rosemary is an active member of the Wildlife Club at her school.  She is excited to be a student of EIP because she will now have more opportunities to volunteer for her community.

Peter Wainana


Peter WainanaPeter graduated from Githanguchu Primary school in 2014.  His grandparents in their seventies were taking care of him and his older brother. Peter’s grandparents were unable to pay for his school fees but Peter has been determined to continue on with school.  Peter is now attending Githanguchu Secondary School and is grateful to be able to continue studying at this time.

Kelvin Mwaniki


kelvin mwanikiKelvin began form 1 at Lari Boys High School in January 2015.  He lives in Magina village with his 3 brothers and 1 sister.  His father died when he was young leaving his mother to provide for him and his siblings through farm labour.  She often has difficulty making enough for food for the family and it is therefore impossible for her to  raise school fees for her children.

Justus Ikaba


justus ikaba (2)Justus Ikaba is the 6th born in a family of nine. He lives in Mukeu village with his grandparents as his mother died when he was 6.  Justus began Form 1 at Kirenga Boys High School in January 2015 because of the support from generous donors to Education is Power.  What he likes best about being a student of Education is Power so far, is having an opportunity to meet with some of the post-secondary students on his school holidays and receive extra tutoring.

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