Graduated Students

Zipporah Mugure, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) (2016)

Zipporah has been a long time volunteer and administrative worker with KENVO (The Kijabe Environment Volunteers), who is Education is Power’s  chief partner.  For this reason Zipporah has also taken a lead to organize and manage EIP’s finances in Kenya for the past five years. Zipporah volunteers so much of her time to EIP and we were very happy to help fund Zipporah to pursue her studies. Read more on Zipporah here.

Ken Kamero, Bachelor of Tourism and Events Management, Moi University (2016)

Kensent graduationKen is the second born from a family of 11 in Kimende, Kenya where his parents do small scale farming.  After high school Ken was not able to go to college right away as it was impossible for his parents to raise the funds he needed. They were already stretched financially paying the high school fees needed for his younger siblings.  However, with the help of a sponsor in Sooke, British Columbia he graduated from Zetech College with an Advanced Diploma in Tourism Management and Consulting.   EIP is very grateful to have Ken as a volunteer because he works particularly hard to ensure fundraisers are well publicized and run smoothly.  He has been a very active volunteer in both his community and school.  Read more on Ken here.

Stephen Kamau, Bachelor of Tourism Management, Moi University (2016)

Stephen is a founding student of Education is Power (EIP) and helped inspire the charity to exist.  Thanks to EIP he finished a diploma in Tourism and Wildlife Management with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya in April 2010. Stephen had to wait until July 2013 when EIP could raise enough money for him to continue his studies in Tourism Management at Moi University in Nairobi, Kenya.   He kept himself very busy working in his field and volunteering to help his community. Currently, Stephen works on weekends guiding nature walks and hikes to provide for his wife and son.  Stephen’s end goal is to open an outdoor centre in his community to promote environmental education and sustainable recreation.  Stephen is now in his final year of of his Tourism Management Degree and has started a business called Kereita Wilderness Ventures which provides sustainable adventure tourism for tourists and school groups. Read more on Stephen here.

Leah Wangui Ruiru , Diploma in Social Work and Welfare (2015)

leahs 007

Leah Wangui Ruiru of Kagwe, Kenya, has completed a diploma in Social Work and Welfare at The Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development. Read more on Leah here.

Samuel Wakang’u Kiarie, B.Sc (2013); Master of Environmental Studies (2016)

Samuel is a founding student of Education is Power and was EIP’s first university graduate – completing a Bachelor of Science and Environmental Education at Kenyatta University in December 2012. He has now completed his Master’s in Environmental Studies (Community Development).  Samuel is a key volunteer for Education is Power. Read more on Samuel here.

Margaret Nyambura Kimani, Bachelor of Commerce (2013)

Margaret Kimani

Margaret graduated from a bachelor of commerce at Kenyatta University, Nairobi with help from Education is Power. Read more on Margaret here.

Julia Nduta, Secondary School Diploma (2014)


Julia graduated from Fathi Secondary School in Kimende, Kenya.  Julia’s family was unable to pay for her secondary education due to very difficult circumstances.  Education is Power stepped in to help her.

Jane Wambui Kinuthia, Secondary School Diploma (2014)


Jane graduated from Mbau-ini Secondary near Kimende, Kenya in December 2014.  With a very challenging past she stayed positive and determined to succeed.    For more on Jane read here

Florence Njeri, Secondary  School Diploma 2014


Florence first started getting assistance in Grade 10 with EIP because in her first term she was sent home and her single mother was not able to raise the funds needed.

Florence hopes to go into Law after high school to help fight for the rights of single mothers.

Jayo Ramson, Secondary School Diploma (2014)


Jayo graduated from Dol Dol Secondary School in Kenya in December 2014.   Jayo is a graduate from our partner at Lokusero Primary in the Maasai community of Il Ngwesi in Laikipia, Kenya.  The vast majority of primary graduates from Lokusero cannot go onto secondary school since they have no secondary school in their community and must pay a great deal to attend a boarding school. He dreams to go to university which is practically unheard of in his community.  Read more on Jayo here

Paul Kisio, Secondary  School Diploma (2013)

Paul Kisio

Paul graduated in 2013 from Dol Dol Secondary School in Kenya.  He dreams to go to college or university  Read more here.

Sally Stephen Ngila, Secondary School Diploma (2013)

Sally 2013

Sally Ngila graduated in 2013 from  Dol Dol Secondary School in Kenya.  He finished Kenyan primary school in the end of 2009 at Lokusero Primary in Il Ngwesi.  He dreams of getting his Bachelor of Education Degree so he can become a teacher in his community.  Read more on Saleh here

Solomon Kitonga, Secondary School Diploma (2013)

Solomon 2013

Solomon graduated from Dol Dol Secondary School in Kenya.  He was a top student at Lokusero Primary School in Il Ngwesi, Kenya.  He completed primary school with good grades but was unable afford secondary school, so he chose to repeat his last year of primary school in hopes to find outside assistance to achieve his dream of attending secondary school.   He dreams to go to college or university.   Read more here

Paul Wahugo, Secondary School Diploma (2012)


Paul  graduated Mbau-ini Secondary School near Kimende, Kenya in 2012.  He dreams to move onto post-secondary school, so that he can help his family and community.  For more information on Paul click here

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