The Education is Power Team

 Dave Cuddy, President

Dave Cuddy profile

Dave Cuddy holds a master’s degree in global management and a graduate certificate in project management completed through Royal Roads University. As well, he has diploma in outdoor adventure leadership completed through Algonquin College. His experience in Africa began in 2007 when he completeda six month Canada World Youth international education program. Dave has over eight years experience working back and fourth between East Africa and Canada, and dealing with the Kenyan and Tanzanian education system. His primary responsibility is to oversee all aspects of EIP operations. This involves working with community leaders and government officials to align EIP’s mission with the Kenya Vision 2030 and Tanzania Vision 2025 development plans. He leads fundraising and Canadian school outreach programs,  manages supported EIP student and teacher issues, supervises EIP volunteers, co-develops extracurricular programs in Africa, and manages school infrastructure projects in Africa. Additionally, Dave works with his Kenyan colleagues to establish criteria for forming new EIP committees or country chapters. He is also responsible for developing international partnerships to help promote the project. In addition to working for Education Is Power, Dave is an outdoor educator and carpenter.


David Kuria,  Chief Advisor and Co-founder

David Kuria

David Kuria is from Kimende, Kenya. As of October 2017 he serves as the minister of environment for Kiambu County, Kenya. David founded KENVO (The Kijabe Environment Volunteers) in 1994.  Before his political career he served as KENVO’s executive director and worked with the East Africa Wildlife Society, as well as the United Nations Environment Program.  David has devoted a great deal of his spare time to ensure that EIP’s strategic operations are as effective as possible.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology, a master’s in environmental science and community development, and he is currently pursuing a PhD in Environmental Conservation and Community Activism.


Ken Cuddy, Head Financial Officer 

Ken Cuddy profile

Ken Cuddy (father of Dave Cuddy) holds an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and graduate degree in law. He has worked as a lawyer in Perth, Ontario, Canada for 35 years. He has volunteered countless hours to the administration and all financial dealings of Education is Power since it began in 2008.


Robyn Penfold, Education Development and Communications Officer

robyn at KENVO

Robyn is a primary school teacher in British Columbia, Canada. She holds a bachelor of education with a diploma in special education and an undergraduate in psychology. Robyn teaches in a remote aboriginal community in Vancouver Island North. She is well experienced in adapting education practices to meet the needs of diverse cultures while upholding the cultural heritage and identity of these diverse cultures. Her experience is invaluable for EIP’s teacher support and training programs in Kenya, as well as designing EIP study projects to meet curriculum objectives of Canadian primary and secondary schools. She also assists in communications and copywriting.


Samuel Wakang’u Kiarie, EIP Kenya Outreach Officer and founding student

Samuel Wakang'u

Samuel is from Kimende, Kenya. He started at KENVO as an avid volunteer and then became a project officer for youth and school programs. He has participated in two Canada World Youth International Education programs. Samuel was a major inspiration to start EIP as he became our founding student (along with Stephen Kamau). Thanks to EIP, Samuel completed a Bachelor of Science and Environmental Education, and he is now pursuing a Masters in Environmental Studies and Community Development at Kenyatta University.  Samuel coordinates meetings, mentors and communicates with students and volunteers much of his time in countless ways for EIP.


Zipporah Mugure, EIP Kenya Financial Officer 

Zipporah profile

Zipporah is from Kimende, Kenya where in 2003 she started as a volunteer with a Kenyan non-profit group called KENVO  (The Kijabe Environment Volunteers). Zipporah went on to become a project supervisor for Canada World Youth and to work for KENVO as their chief financial officer. She continues to work for KENVO while dedicating her time as a volunteer for Education is Power. Together with David Kuria, she oversees all EIP financial records in Kenya. She is in her final year of a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance.


Stephen Kamau, Kenya Operations Director and founding student

Stephen Profile Website

Stephen is from Kimende, Kenya. He is one of the founding students of Education is Power and was first inspired after participating in a Canada World Youth International Exchange. Stephen is a very committed volunteer for Education is Power. He coordinates the High School Mentors program in Kenya and leads several projects to connect Canadians and Kenyans. Stephen is currently finishing his Tourism Management Degree Program from Moi University.


Kip Ntere, Operations Director – Laikipia Region, Kenya

Kip 2

Kip started volunteering with Education is Power in 2014 and in this remote area of Kenya, many students would not be able to gain sponsorship without his determined efforts. Kip uses his contacts as a private wildlife guide to coordinate engaging and valuable empowerment weeks for EIP students. He also ensures communication between current students and Canadian sponsors, not a simple feat in an area where cell reception is spotty and Wi-Fi can only be found in bigger town centres.


The extended Education is Power team

In reality Education is Power is made possible by the help of a lot of people. In Kenya we have our main partner KENVO (The Kijabe Environment Volunteers – a partner of Canada World Youth,  Many KENVO members help EIP in various ways such as organizing events and community awareness in Kenya as well as guidance and support for EIP students. In Canada there have been many people who have volunteered a great deal towards organizing successful EIP fundraisers and other fundraising support.

eipmeetingwithbannercropped-large (brightened) Photo: Education is Power committee, Kimende, Kenya, February 2013

IMG_0202 Photo: Education is Power event volunteers, Campbell River BC, October 2014

kenvo 024Photo:  KENVO’s tree nursery at Matathia Primary School in Lari District, Kiambu, Kenya  

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