Introducing EIP’s Post-Secondary Graduates of 2016

2016 had a tremendous showing for Education Is Power post-secondary graduates with nine young East African’s demonstrating awesome results. All of these students would not have had the opportunity to further their education without the support of generous donors to Education Is Power.

Samuel Wakang’u Kiarie graduated from a Master of Environmental Studies (Community Development) at Kenyatta University.

Sam became a founding student of Education Is Power when he started his Bachelor of Science and Environmental Education in 2008. He has put a lot of work into the development of EIP in Kenya, which has been a great benefit for the organization given his vast experience in community development. Sam has played a crucial role in developing EIP’s environmental outreach programs in Kimende, Kenya which brings kids outside of the classroom to learn about ecological sustainability. Currently, Sam works as the program coordinator for Daughters of Charity Kenya.


Isaac Lonyiku Karmushu graduated from Koiyaki Guiding School in Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya. He now holds a diploma in Tour Guiding and Natural Interpretation.

The school is specifically designed to help young Maasai become proficient at touristic guiding while working to conserve and protect Kenya’s unique ecosystems.

Upon graduation, Isaac has entered a paid work experience through his school where he is now guiding at Ol Seki Hemingways Mara.


Zipporah Mugure graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) at Mount Kenya University.

Zipporah currently works as a financial manager at the Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO). She also does some financial consultancy work and is in the process of starting her own consultancy firm which would provide extra income beyond her regular full time job.
Beyond her busy work schedule, Zipporah is a mom of young twins. Yet, she still manages to find time to be an incredible asset for EIP, taking a leading role in EIP’s financial management as well as mentoring many younger EIP students.

Stephen Kamau graduated with a Bachelor of Tourism Management at Moi University.

Stephen became a founding student of Education Is Power in 2008 when he began his tour guiding diploma with Wildlife Clubs of Kenya. He continues to be a key driver to the overall success of EIP. Through his tireless efforts, Steve leads extra-curricular activities for EIP high school students ensuring that they gain important practical skills and career insights. He also leads in EIP operations in Kenya, overseeing that school fee payments are met on time, along with the collection of student information and photos, resolving issues with student’s families, and facilitating Skype and letter exchanges between young Canadians and Kenyans – just to name a few. Currently, Steve’s education and experience with EIP has led him to contract work with Uwezo Kenya, a UN sponsored initiative improving competencies in literacy and numeracy among children. As well, Stephen has started his own company called Kereita Wilderness Ventures which specializes in rainforest walks and mountain hikes for local Kenyans and international guests.

Ken Kamero graduated with a Bachelor of Tourism and Events Management at Moi University.

Ken has been a big help in organizing fundraising events for Education Is Power, attracting involvement from his school and other community groups in Kenya. He also participates in mentoring workshops where EIP post-secondary students encourage and motivate younger students to engage in community development and maximize their career planning. Ken has already been putting his education to use by managing five major events in 2016 with a university events club that he leads. He is also gaining employment as a freelance events manager.

Yvonne Wanjiku has graduated from her diploma in Primary Education (Special Education) at Machako’s Teacher’s College.

Yvonne is blind and has found it uplifting not only to work alongside other colleagues who also have vision challenges but to be able to be in a position to teach young students who had similar challenges she did as a young student. She is currently volunteering in her community as a primary school teacher and hopes to find employment when school begins for the year in January.


Joseph Gitau has graduated from a Bachelor of Business Information Technology at Mount Kenya University.
Joseph majored in business management and computer networking. Throughout his education he has been able to work in contract employment in youth empowerment and leadership with a local scouts group, while also volunteering for EIP. He currently works as an IT technician for an Internet cafe. He aspires to continue his education with industry required IT certifications which will make him more employable as a network security specialist. Joseph expresses his great gratitude for EIP and feels very strongly that education not only helps the individual but has a trickle effect for the surrounding family and community.


Ruth Wangari completed her Diploma in Baking Technology at Valentine School of Cake in Nairobi, Kenya.
Ruth is from Kimende, Kenya. She has always taken care of her family by cooking and caring for her younger brothers. Since graduating in early 2016, she has started doing some catering jobs including making special cakes for birthdays and special occasions. She aspires to continue her studies in business to one day create a her own catering company where she can employ and train others to cater for special occasions.


Dennis Luhende graduated from Mwanza College of Business Education with a Diploma in Procurement and Business Administration.
Dennis is from Shinyanga, Tanzania. Like many of EIP post-secondary graduates, he is an alumnus from the Canada World Youth program where he gained skills in community development and responsible global citizenship, during the six month international education program. Dennis is grateful to combine his new business skills with his international experience. He is currently in the job market while he is expanding his family’s farming business and caring for his sick mom.


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