November 28th, 2017

Last night’s awareness event was a success in pushing EIP Africa forward, yet additions to the operational team are still needed to sustain the organization. Read about the event and our search for new volunteers and board members here.

November 3rd, 2017

EIP continues to put a strong emphasis on its online interactive cultural exchanges between North American and Kenyan youth.

A keen group of grade seven girls from Spencer Middle School in Victoria, BC (top left photo) took their school project to another level. After learning about Education Is Power, they decided to do a project on women’s rights in Kenya to better understand the many challenges that women and girls face there. These young Canadians were excited to learn a great deal when they had a live video chat with their Kenyan counterparts from Magina Secondary and Kimende Primary schools in Kijabe, Kenya. An enlightening experience all around, and on top of that the Canadian girls managed to fundraise enough for a year of day school for one of the Kenyan girls whom they spoke with!

Read more on our News page and at Skype to Africa initiative.Education has the power to change everything… Just imagine being born into East Africa where the average person earns $2 per day yet must pay $450 for one year of public high school or $2000 for one year of public university.  So what happens if you are dedicated to create a better world but you are not born with the privilege to gain a higher level education? The answer is simple:  Lack of opportunity equals the lack of ability to make changes that our world needs  

Please donate and help our East African students continue to study, develop confidence, and create a better future for their families and communities.

EIP beneficiaries enjoy learning photography in preparation for a Skype to Canada video activity

* Background image:  An evening soccer match in Il Ngwesi, Laikipia North, Kenya (partner of EIP)