Photo:   Chumvi Primary students in Laikipia North, Kenya and EIP Director Dave Cuddy give a thumbs up to launch a campaign for a dorm facility to be built at the school where currently students must walk as far as 11km (one way). See more below. 

 Education is Power Headlines, Oct 6, 2014  

Hooray! Education is Power (EIP) has gained some amazing recognition. EIP Director and Co-founder Dave Cuddy has been awarded the Me to We Educator Award for his work with EIP!! Dave had the honour to receive the award on stage at WE day on October 2nd at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. EIP will receive $3000 and there is a full page article promoting EIP in the October 2014 issue of Canadian Living magazine (see more on News and Blog).

  • EIP launches a campaign to build a dormitory and feeder school for an overcrowded primary school in a remote part of Kenya BUT we need lots of help to make it happen (i.e. an investor to match EIP fundraising initiatives at Canadian schools).
  • It’s a new school year so we are reaching out to gain support from new Canadian schools as well as rekindling the amazing support we had from the schools we worked with last year.
  • In August EIP successfully ran volunteer and tutoring weeks for EIP students at two locations in Kenya. We will be doing it again in December.

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eipmeetingwithbannercroppedPhoto:  Education is Power committee at our Kenyan fundraiser February 10, 2013

Education has the power to change everything… Just imagine being born into East Africa where the average person earns $1.50 per day yet must pay $450 for one year of public high school or $2000 for one year of public university.  So what happens if you are dedicated to create a better world but you are not born with the privilege to gain a higher level education? The answer is simple:  Lack of opportunity equals the lack of ability to make changes that our world needs  

Please help our East African students attend the January 2015 intake.

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 Mission of Education is Power: 

“Through education, we are dedicated to develop the potential in disadvantaged East Africans who are committed to the sustainable development and natural conservation of Africa”. We achieve this by providing education opportunities to East Africans at East African secondary and post-secondary institutions – as well as by supporting African primary and secondary teachers to mentor their students to give back to their communities. (Français) (Español)

* Background image:  An evening soccer match in Il Ngwesi, Laikipia North, Kenya (partner of EIP)